Save the Barns

Help preserve the Barns and other remaining Historic Structures of Longview Farm!

Help preserve the Barns and other remaining Historic Structures of Longview Farm!

The above excerpts are generously provided for viewing by the R.A. Long Historical Society.
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Over ten years ago a group of people came together to decide the fate of the remaining structures of Longview Farm.  A team of professionals from all over the country gathered for a charette hosted by Gale Communities.  The result of this charette was a master plan for New Longview.  Gale communities worked with the City of Lees Summit to create a plan to preserve the history.  Since that time the two Arches were restored, well over 100 families have come to call New Longview home, and the historic Show Horse Arena has been converted into one of the most beloved schools around.  Then the economy tanked.

Though the timing was bad, and the plan had flaws, I do not believe anyone can argue that the history of Longview Farm should not be preserved.  However, we have heard rumblings that it has failed and it is time to move on.  I reject that as short sighted.  We can find a way.  We must find a way.

This is the farm that was created by a man who came from nothing.  A man who would create the worlds largest lumber company, build Kansas City’s first skyscraper (928 Grand Boulevard), and build Kansas City’s first million dollar home (Corinthian Hall).  A man who would donate a large portion of the milk produced on the farm to Children’s Mercy Hospital.  A man who would fund one half of the cost of Liberty Memorial and serve as it’s first president.  A man who created the town of Longview Washington as his company moved West.  A man who loved his family deeply, including his daughter Loula, who would go on to become the first women inducted into the Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame (Equestrian).  This is “The Worlds Most Beautiful Farm.”

Though the family has moved on and the horses are long gone, this place still has meaning.  It has meaning to those who grew up here.  It has meaning tho those far away.  However, most importantly, it has meaning to those who call the farm home today and the children who are lucky enough to be educated in a place full of history.  What would we have lost if the Show Horse Arena were leveled to make room for a school instead of being turned into a school?  What might we lose if the remaining structures are torn down?  I believe that we must find a solution in the short term in order to preserve the wonderful history in the long term.  There is a way!

If you feel as I do I ask that you write, call, or email the decision makers listed on the right and let them know you support the preservation of the history.  Many of them are in agreement but should know we are behind them.  Some are not so sure and could use our encouragement.  I ask that you keep it positive.  We are all in this together and no decisions have yet been made.  Let’s show them that we love our history and we will fight to preserve it.

Thank you,
Scott Coryell

P.S. You can email to receive updates on the progress.  You are also welcome to ‘cc’ on your letters so that we can gauge the support.

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